Whoa! Joe… share a little magic!

‘Joe was three. Life can be very busy when you are three…

Best of all, Joe liked helping…

And when Joe had finished helping everyone, it was time for some adventures!’


Fabulous, truly captures the imagination and spirit of childhood – highly recommended!”

“If you are looking for something a bit different with an air of magic then I would definitely recommend this!”

This is one of the most beautiful books I have shared with my children… an absolute gem!”

Loved by our 3 year old boy.

“…it has remained a firm favourite of our son, who turned 3 recently.”


“Whoa! Joe is a well presented, colourful book with an adventurous, imaginative main character; he is also an excellent role model! The accompanying audio CD contains a song, whose lyrics are printed in the book and which also follows the story. Thoroughly recommended.”

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“It is rare to find a book that brings back that air of nostalgia from your own childhood. There’s something comforting about this book that makes it a pleasure to read to my children.”

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Reading adventures down Memory Lane…


 Strike up the band!

Whoa! Joe will be at Reading University on Sunday 7th June as part of The Big Band Big Lunch.

It will be a trip down Memory Lane for Rosie Godfrey as she revisits her home town to share Whoa! Joe with 3 – 5  year olds at 12.30 in The Hub.



“I studied for my teaching degree at Bulmershe College of Higher Education, which amalgamated with Reading University in 1989, so this will be an extra special visit for me.”

Whoa! Joe is now available for loan by teachers and students from the Teaching Resource Base, located within The Hub alongside the National Centre for Language and Literacy and the Education Reference Library.

... it was time for some adventures!

… it was time for some adventures!


WHD2015_Banner_ENAnd so… what would World Haemophilia Day have to do with an Independent Publisher and a children’s picture book?

Well, probably not much, unless, that publisher was …

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and the book was WHOA! JOE... 


Who knows where inspiration comes from?

For Whoa! Joe, it came when a grandmother was driving to see her grandson.  A grandson who happened to be born with Severe Haemophilia B, but nonetheless, a grandson who loved climbing and helping and playing make-believe.  As should all 3 year olds!

Joe continues to be an inspiration.  For he is one of the fortunate ones, in that, he lives in a country where diagnosis and treatment are second-to-none. (We all have Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity to thank for that!)

It is estimated that 1 in 1000 are born with a bleeding disorder. Yet, over 75% of people with haemophilia around the world, receive inadequate testing and treatment or none at all.  

In many countries there are no adults with haemophilia!

Whoa! Joe is a celebration of childhood, loving relationships and imagination.  An inspiration to live our lives to the full by remaining in touch with that child within – the one who knows no bounds and therefore is free to dream and create a world s/he loves… A world where all children get to live life to the full.

Whoa! Joe, how you've grown!!!

Whoa! Joe, how you’ve grown!!!


Love called upon Inspiration…  And Inspiration came in the form of a song…  A song with pictures… Pictures which called out for a story… 

And so, the song became a picture book! Maybe, always WAS a picture book, in the Land of Inspiration!  






And every road leads…

PPPB logo around - colour The HOME of Whoa! Joe

a Children’s Lyrical Picture Book & CD.

Written by Rosie Godfrey
Illustrated by Jane Delaford Taylor
with Chloe Bix on CD                                 CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY

A Lyrical Picture-Book and CD.

A Lyrical Picture-Book and CD.

ON THE SURFACE it’s about a day in the life of 3 year old Joe and how play stimulates his childhood imagination.

BUT REALLY it’s about honouring the narrative of childhood and validating childhood dreams.

IT’S DESIGNED FOR SHARING WITH CHILDREN aged 3 – 7 (though has been introduced to children very new to this planet…  ).

Whoa! Joe is a brilliant book for all ages. We thought it would be too old to read to our 5 month old but he adores the bright pretty pictures and we really enjoy reading it to him. It holds his attention really well. It will be a lovely book for him to grow up with.


It’s great for opening up conversations on the power of imagination and early readers are supported with the CD cued reading.  The magic of the story, illustrations and song is also resonating with others (from 8 to 80+) who are still in touch or want to be reconnected with their child-selves.  TESTIMONIALS

BY THE END of your sharing it with a child, or perhaps reading it to yourself, you will understand the resilience of our inner child’s commitment to play, explore and have adventures!

And BEST OF ALL, you’ll have taken time out, to see the world through a child’s eyes and maybe reconnect with your childhood dreams!



Publication Day! Birthing a dream…

Well, its finally here! Publication day and Whoa! Joe in the window of a bookshop – WALTER HENRY’S in Bideford – and already being shared by big and little people alike. (Even got to hear that someone went shopping and sung along to Joe’s’ Song in their car, all the way home!)

Publication Day!!!

Publication Day!!!

Birthing a dream is always a new beginning, not an end destination. As with birthing a child, this is where the hard work starts and the joy floods in, in equal measure if you’re lucky!

The process of IMAGINE… DREAM… BELIEVE… is a cycle. The link between each of these aspects – the ebb and flow of the process – is to CELEBRATE, because CELEBRATION IS GRATITUDE IN ACTION.

And so it is, that now is that time. To give thanks for everything that has led to this moment. And to celebrate the people along the way who listened and believed and supported the dream. You can find some (but by all means not all) of them here at Pitter Patter People.

“When we acknowledge and support others’ dreams, we send a message to our own creative child within that we are listening. That OUR DREAMS MATTER. That WE MATTER!

And in living our dream, we ENHANCE THE WORLD WITH OUR BEING.

Which is, after all, what you and I are here for, is it not?”

Do SHARE YOUR DREAMS BELOW, if you will.  By sharing, we set our intent. And setting our intent is the first step in magic!  


Hello World!

SO pleased you could join us here to celebrate our arrival! WELCOME and do come back soon to witness and encourage us as we find our feet and stumble our way to standing tall.

It’s all impossible until it’s done!
Nelson Mandela