Publication Day! Birthing a dream…

Well, its finally here! Publication day and Whoa! Joe in the window of a bookshop – WALTER HENRY’S in Bideford – and already being shared by big and little people alike. (Even got to hear that someone went shopping and sung along to Joe’s’ Song in their car, all the way home!)

Publication Day!!!

Publication Day!!!

Birthing a dream is always a new beginning, not an end destination. As with birthing a child, this is where the hard work starts and the joy floods in, in equal measure if you’re lucky!

The process of IMAGINE… DREAM… BELIEVE… is a cycle. The link between each of these aspects – the ebb and flow of the process – is to CELEBRATE, because CELEBRATION IS GRATITUDE IN ACTION.

And so it is, that now is that time. To give thanks for everything that has led to this moment. And to celebrate the people along the way who listened and believed and supported the dream. You can find some (but by all means not all) of them here at Pitter Patter People.

“When we acknowledge and support others’ dreams, we send a message to our own creative child within that we are listening. That OUR DREAMS MATTER. That WE MATTER!

And in living our dream, we ENHANCE THE WORLD WITH OUR BEING.

Which is, after all, what you and I are here for, is it not?”

Do SHARE YOUR DREAMS BELOW, if you will.  By sharing, we set our intent. And setting our intent is the first step in magic!