Whoa! Joe… share a little magic!

‘Joe was three. Life can be very busy when you are three…

Best of all, Joe liked helping…

And when Joe had finished helping everyone, it was time for some adventures!’


Fabulous, truly captures the imagination and spirit of childhood – highly recommended!”

“If you are looking for something a bit different with an air of magic then I would definitely recommend this!”

This is one of the most beautiful books I have shared with my children… an absolute gem!”

Loved by our 3 year old boy.

“…it has remained a firm favourite of our son, who turned 3 recently.”


“Whoa! Joe is a well presented, colourful book with an adventurous, imaginative main character; he is also an excellent role model! The accompanying audio CD contains a song, whose lyrics are printed in the book and which also follows the story. Thoroughly recommended.”

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and SHARE A LITTLE MAGIC with your children!

“It is rare to find a book that brings back that air of nostalgia from your own childhood. There’s something comforting about this book that makes it a pleasure to read to my children.”

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