Pitter Patter PLANET

It would make no sense whatsoever to have a book like WHOA! JOE, with its theme of exploring the world through imaginative play, if no account was taken of the toll that producing a book can have on the environment. YOU TAKE CARE OF WHAT YOU LOVE!
So… every effort has been made to minimise our impact upon the environment. Our printers actively pursue Mother Earth-friendly processes and wherever possible, all the materials used have been obtained from sustainable forests and renewable resources.
We also actively plant trees!

Get set... print!

Get set… print!

We were really fortunate to find printers with great ethical and environmental standards so close to home. And such great people to work with too!

Four Way Print are litho printers based near to Launceston in Cornwall who show their passion for the environment by setting themselves high environmental standards throughout the printing process and their business in general. Details of their ‘Active Environmental Management System’ can be viewed here.