Pitter Patter PEACE

Little,by little, by little… we change the world!

PEACE.  The most beautiful of words.    PEACE.  Something that all the peoples of the world ache for.  PEACE.  It can seem so elusive in the great scheme of things and yet… it is in the small scheme of things, that we can find it… nurture it…watch it grow.

Little, by little, by little…  One book, one song, one child at a time!

When we honour our children, we honour the child within us.  And when we truly honour that universal child in everything we think, say and do, we CAN imagine a better world.


CHILD HONOURING COVENANT – child friendly (pdf)

For more information on Raffi’s work.  http://childhonouring.org

The more we nurture our imagination – the more we understand that there are limitless possibilities…

“Another world is not only possible, She is on her way.  On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

Arundhati Roy

IMAGINE a world fit for children.

DREAM it over and over in every tiny detail… so that it becomes real to you.  So that you can see, feel, touch, taste and smell it.  So that you can hear her breathing!

BELIEVE –  Be… Live it!