Alyssa Hitt


Alyssa Hitt - Graphic Designer @ Barn Studios

Alyssa Hitt – Graphic Designer @ Barn Studios

Alyssa Hitt is the graphic designer for Whoa! Joe.
Ensuring that the text and words work together on the page is crucial to the overall resulting book. Collaborating closely with the author, Rosie Godfrey, throughout, she used her considerable talent, expertise and enthusiasm to bring it all to life!
Thank you, Alyssa!

A font by any other name…

One of the brilliant touches that Alyssa brought to the Whoa! Joe book, was in finding the chosen font.
An open, childlike font was wanted. With ‘proper’ a’s, to aid any early readers. There needed to be a playfulness, a quirkiness even, about it and most importantly it needed to convey the words in a way which worked with the illustrations.
And so one was chosen.
The name of the font (not known at the time of choosing), was…
I tracked down the font designer – Misti Hammers, from Texas. She was delighted to hear it was being used for a children’s picture book.

For more information about Misti’s work, go to: