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It’s a real joy to hear that Whoa! Joe is creating special moments for families across the country and beyond.  Thanks to everyone who has taken time out to share their experiences.  Keep them coming!

Huge thanks to Susan in Edinburgh for this…

I’ve shared Joe with four children.
3yr old girl, 6yr old girl, just turned 10yr old boy and 13yr old boy.
Oldest two have read it over and over to the youngest two.
All love the bright pictures.  Oldest who is a bookworm, says the text is good being different sizes as it accentuates what’s being said.  It also “moves” with the pictures.
Just asked kiddies what they like….
Niamh (6 yrs)….painting the sky!
Aela (3 yrs)…the disc and the music at the back.
Lewis (10 yrs)….all the pictures.
Andrew (13 yrs)….it’s nice and bright, which makes it good for Aela to look at even if it’s not being read to her.
Me….I love they layout, pictures, gentle story, the disc and the fact the score is actually printed there for me.  And any book that features a dragon, is always a winner with me 😉

This one from Norma in West Yorkshire

My grandson is 19 months old and he does not usually sit for very long to have a book reading session.  However, he did let me read Whoa! Joe to him.  Not once, but 4 times!  Every time I got to the end he turned the page back to the beginning… it is a lovely book

Paul & Laura in Vancouver shared this…
A great book, complimented by wonderful artistic work.  An original take on the adventurous mind of a child.  Whoa! Joe reminds us of the simplicity with which our children view the world – ready to go on adventures and experience the wonders of that world.  We love that the book is accompanied by a soundtrack. Our children (aged 3 and 5) haven’t stopped humming the song since we read them the book!
Morgan (5) & Olivia (3)
I love Joe and his stories… the bright colours… remind me of rainbows on rainy days… I like to help my mommy and daddy, just like Joe.

And Val in Barnstaple had this to say…

My grandsons love the book… and have already read it over and over.

Thanks also to Jane in Wolverhampton for sharing this insight…

Just thought you’d like to know that, as I write this, Andy is reading Whoa! Joe to our grandson – he is 3 next month – (and has just attempted the song!!!)  They are both loving it. xxx

And from Esther…

Even though I’m not a child anymore, I felt totally captured by the simplicity of this lovely little children’s book! Rosie’s book really touched me right at my core, and I found myself welling up as I read. You are never too old to be transformed by your own imagination, and allow the imagination of the children around you to transform you. It’s a little joy to read, no matter the age!

And Kate in South Devon – thank you for this!

Hello Rosie.  I just wanted to let you know how much my children enjoy your book. They quite often request the CD to be played at bedtime and particularly like the song. They’re three and five. Lucas is three, and likes shouting ‘I’m three!’ when the CD/book says about Joe being three. Amazing illustrations by the way.


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  1. Whoa! Joe is a brilliant book for all ages. We thought it would be too old to read to our 5 month old but he adores the bright pretty pictures and we really enjoy reading it to him. It holds his attention really well. It will be a lovely book for him to grow up with.

    • Thank you SO much for that Isabel! Although I imagined the book would appeal to children over 3, I am finding that younger children are really connecting with it too. But… 5 months! How special is that?! Thank you so much for sharing the book with your son. Those moments are so special aren’t they? I love the idea of him growing up with it and wish him a life full of wonderful adventures! 🙂

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