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a Children’s Lyrical Picture Book & CD.

Written by Rosie Godfrey
Illustrated by Jane Delaford Taylor
with Chloe Bix on CD                                 CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY

A Lyrical Picture-Book and CD.

A Lyrical Picture-Book and CD.

ON THE SURFACE it’s about a day in the life of 3 year old Joe and how play stimulates his childhood imagination.

BUT REALLY it’s about honouring the narrative of childhood and validating childhood dreams.

IT’S DESIGNED FOR SHARING WITH CHILDREN aged 3 – 7 (though has been introduced to children very new to this planet…  ).

Whoa! Joe is a brilliant book for all ages. We thought it would be too old to read to our 5 month old but he adores the bright pretty pictures and we really enjoy reading it to him. It holds his attention really well. It will be a lovely book for him to grow up with.


It’s great for opening up conversations on the power of imagination and early readers are supported with the CD cued reading.  The magic of the story, illustrations and song is also resonating with others (from 8 to 80+) who are still in touch or want to be reconnected with their child-selves.  TESTIMONIALS

BY THE END of your sharing it with a child, or perhaps reading it to yourself, you will understand the resilience of our inner child’s commitment to play, explore and have adventures!

And BEST OF ALL, you’ll have taken time out, to see the world through a child’s eyes and maybe reconnect with your childhood dreams!