Jane Delaford Taylor

Jane Delaford Taylor - Illustrator.

Jane Delaford Taylor – Illustrator.

JANE DELAFORD TAYLOR is the illustrator for Whoa! Joe.
Jane began illustrating in the late 1980’s “when you were expected to haul your folder round to show to editors and publishers in person”. Since then she’s worked on a huge variety of projects, illustrating for educational books, women’s story magazines and children’s picture books- “which are always the most fun!”. She’s still as busy as ever these days, mixing illustration with her oil painting commissions, and fitting it all in round family life – “a blend that works beautifully most of the time!”

Jane Delaford Taylor painting final illustration for Whoa! Joe

Jane Delaford Taylor adding final touches to last pages of Whoa! Joe.


Find out more about the life and work of Jane Delaford Taylor at: http://janedelafordtaylor.weebly.com/