Pitter Patter Pre-School

PITTER PATTER POEMWhoa! Joe went to SWIMBRIDGE PRE-SCHOOL on Tuesday 18th November! (Accompanied by Rosie and her son, Steve – all grown up, but still a wonderful child at heart!) The children there were introduced to a new nursery rhyme – Pitter Patter Poem, with actions.  A real Whoa! Joe workout!  Thanks to Sarah, Khadine & Emma and of course, all the lovely children who made the visit so enjoyable. Hope to see you all again soon!

Photos by Khadine Ruhleman.

A big thank you to Rosie Godfrey for a really fun time. The children at Swimbridge Pre-school had a brilliant time learning a brand new nursery rhyme and listening to Rosie reading her story Whoa Joe! The whole session was aimed so well at the children’s level. Rosie was so enthusiastic, interested and kind to each child. The children enjoyed using the percussion instruments and joining in with the Whoa! Joe song as well!! We have sung the song and read the story many times since her visit. A great little workshop for pre-schoolers.
A huge thank you from all at Swimbridge Pre-school xx

Whoa! Joe is planning to visit more Pre-Schools, Schools and Early Years centres in 2015.
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