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Whoa! Joe – A Lyrical Picture-Book & CD

Written by Rosie Godfrey
Illustrated by Jane Delaford Taylor
Featuring Chloe Bix on CD
ISBN: 978-0992702-0-8
Price: £7.99

An enchanting, illustrated 32 page lyrical picture-book and CD.
Whoa! Joe invites us to honour the everyday magic of childhood, acknowledging that ‘little people’ can have big dreams, that even ‘painting the sky’ is possible and feeding the imagination helps it to grow.
In Whoa! Joe we move from the everyday experiences of three-year-old Joe, living on a smallholding with his family, always eager and willing to help – into a world of mountains to climb, oceans to swim and far-away places to explore. Each, but a step in a child’s mind’s-eye.
Whoa! Joe, is a book to be shared and revisited as a trusted friend. One to be read aloud, acted out and (with addition of CD) sung along to at home, with beloved grandparents or in pre-school/early years settings. Great for early-readers too!

“Little children will really like this book because the colours
are bright and there is a CD to go with it.
I like the bit about painting the sky.”

Jasmine (Aged 9)

“Painting the sky is the best bit – I love this idea!”
Daisy (Aged 12)

“The link between everyday activities and real creativity/play/make believe, gives the opportunity for the imagination to run wild and everything to be a potential adventure – at a level a young child can access.”
Natalie Jefferies
(Psychologist,Teacher and Mum!)

“ A lovely book to inspire children…”
Holly Tucker (Early Years/KS1 Teacher)

Whoa! Joe  – PUBLISHED 12th September 2014.

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